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One of the Key researchers in the Comprehensive Chromatography Technology is Prof. Dr. Hans-Gerd Janssen, University of Amsterdam. He states that the technology is getting more and more mature and that more laboratories nowadays use the technology for daily routine analysis. Though a lot of work still needs to be done in the near future e.g. prepare more standard methods. Although this article is in Dutch language we think it is valuable for the Dutch speaking GCXGC community.

Special Chromatografie | Hans-Gerd Janssen over de doorbraak van tweedimensionale GC ‘Het motortje draait goed’

Met gebruiksvriendelijke bediening, slimme interpretatiesoftware en opgezette methodes is 2D-gaschromatografie voor steeds meer researchlabs inzetbaar. Toch is GCxGC nog niet ‘plug & play’. De academia blijven belangrijk voor de technische optimalisatie, stelt Hans-Gerd Janssen, professor bio-macromoleculaire scheidingstechnieken aan de UvA.








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